Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The Godfather
Gary James Lundgren, the Alaskan native who has left a long line of American and Canadian expats, that he has defrauded, in the dust, is taking extraordinary precautions with his personal safety. According to eyewitnesses who have visited his office, he works behind three separate sets of locked doors, and he will not come out to see anyone, even clients. He has been seen driving different automobiles to work daily, and taking different routes. Who is seeking to do him harm ?

Lundgren is unique among Panama's white collar criminals; he has admitted that he was in partnership with both the convicted Colombian Ponzi schemer David Murcia Guzmán, and Panama's fugitive former president, Ricardo Martinelli. Additionally, he has openly bragged that he was a partner in the insider trading scandal that was Financial Pacific. In short, there's no type of major financial crime that Lundgren has not had his hand in, when it comes to dark deeds in Panama City.

Rumors are circulating that Lundgren's fears are well founded, for he reportedly took money from certain shady Panamanian businessmen, to invest in the Financial Pacific scam. Did he fail to return their profits to them ? We cannot say, but if that is the case, he can run, but he cannot hide from the country's organized crime group. Perhaps it is now time for him to return to the United States, to face the music there. Federal Prison is a better alternative, though he may end up serving time for money laundering, selling unregistered securities to American citizens, and good old-fashioned fraud.

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