Tuesday, September 22, 2015


If you are a close follower of events in Grand Cayman, you know that, this past summer, in a futile effort to silence the only local Cayman media source that was exposing Ryan Bateman, one of the fraudsters in the Gang of Four, as well as Fernando Moto Mendes, the successor Managing Director of the insolvent B & C Capital, Ltd., Mendes filed blackmail charges, with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. Mendes had the temerity to go after the editor of a small web-based news service.

 Of course, reporting the truth has never constituted blackmail in any English common law jurisdiction that I am aware of, and the charges went nowhere. It was merely an illustration of the desperate moves of the Gang of Four, who are looking more and more like career criminals each day, and obviously feeling the heat.

Now, the Gang of Four, specifically those members of the quartet who are not on the run, meaning former Dundee Bank Senior Vice President & Director, Sharon Lexa Lamb, and B & C Capital MD, Fernando Moto Mendes, have now filed blackmail charges against yours truly, as well as one of the victims of the scheme, and an intelligence analyst who has been a whistle blower in this matter; Imagine their arrogance.

 Obviously, the charges are not only without any factual basis, either in fact, or at law, but demonstrate the level of desperation of the Gang of Four, whose misdeeds are presently reverberating not only all over the Cayman Islands, but across Canada as well, where the Four are facing a large number of unhappy, and newly penniless, pensioners, many of whom have lost millions, in the Four's Ponzi scheme.

 We have been following the unfolding developments in this Ponzi scheme in the Cayman Islands. You can expect to see the venue now move to the Canadian Province of Ontario in the coming days; Watch for it.

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  1. This is Colin Wilson at ieyenews.com in the Cayman Islands. I too was issued with a cease and desist notice from a lawyer here and then when I raised questions to Fernando Moto Mendes via the same lawyer I received a blackmail accusation filed by them from the RCIPS!


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