Monday, September 14, 2015



Ryan Bateman, whose illegal trading program, Bateman Capital/B & C, was responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in client losses, will not be returning to the Cayman Islands, unless he is in handcuffs. Why do I believe that ? Look at the facts:

(1) His residence in Grand Cayman is up for sale, or even lease. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have seen photographs of the home in a prior article.

(2) His partner in crime, one of the other members of the Gang of Four, Fernando Moto Mendes, is seeking to sell Ryan's BMW, using an online service that is limited to actual physical residents of the Caymans. A photograph of the car can be seen here. Ryan's other four automobiles can reportedly be found parked on the property of one of his other partners in crime, Sharon Lexa Lamb.

For sale, cheap:Property of Ryan Bateman

(3) Bateman, should he return to Grand Cayman, would be immediately arrested, for failure to appear at trial for assault ands battery in a domestic case. His bond was estreated when he failed to return from a purported visit to Canada. Bateman has permanently relocated to the Republic of Panama, where he and his brother Cody operate a shell company masquerading as a wealth management corporation.

With both Bateman, and the final member of the Gang of Four, Derek Buntain, missing and presumed to have fled to avoid prosecution, there remain only two players to face Cayman justice: Lamb & Mendes.

Canadians: have you seen this man ?

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