Monday, September 5, 2022



Which of these individuals has quietly made international travel plans ?

Whether tomorrow's protest march in Malta signals that the country is on the brink of reaching its Tipping Point is an issue that needs to be explored. A Tipping Point occurs when series of small changes or incidents become significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. The open sore that is the Pilatus Bank scandal, compounded by the new Electrogas disclosures, threatens to break wide open into open public hostility against the ruling Labour Government. 

Where it goes we cannot predict, but it is certain that a number of sacrificial lambs, meaning minor players in the country's network of criminal elite will most certainly be offered up to appease the discontented public. The question is, will it be enough, or will opposition to rampant corruption and financial crime, all at the cost of the Maltese taxpayer, take a more direct, vocal and assertive, route ?

With public cynicism at an all-time high, and the prospect of harsh economic times, with the post-EU crackdown on offshore tax regimes, looming on the horizon, things may tend to get very nasty very quickly. We wonder who will survive unscathed, and we are sure that Brussels will be watching tomorrow's events very closely.

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