Sunday, September 11, 2022


For those readers who are wondering why career criminal WINSTON CLARKE, with his 40 prior felony convictions and a pending counterfeiting case, is allowed to attempt to practise law without a license or any university education, it is because this career criminal has a direct line to senior government officials, including PM Mottley, whom he keeps informed on the activities of the country's opposition. Barbados, which is essentially a one-party state, is ruled with an iron fist, and its leader brooks no dissent or reform movement amongst its citizens. He is reporting on the growing reform movement in Barbados to the corrupters themselves.

Clarke, a purported "social activist", and who claims that he is qualified to represent Bajans seeking to recover their real estate inheritance, accepts fees, but thereafter neglects their cases, with the result that the lands fall into the hands of unethical local attorneys skilled in fraud, counterfeiting, creating bogus title documents and taking possession through illegal tactics and methods. He is closely linked to lawyers known to be stealing properties through manipulation of estates that they are charged to administer, using dilatory tactics and acquiring valuable properties that they covet.

Having an extensive IT background, Clarke has been known to obtain favors from his victims through the threat of public exposure of naked photographs he creates using computer programmes.  We have been advised that, after this blog exposed his exploitation of Bajans seeking legal assistance, he created a bogus nude photograph of this blogger, and circulated it in Barbados, to discredit this blog. He defames upstanding citizens through threatening letters.

Clarke, who also runs a bogus charity, which distributes money and essentials to needy Bajans, which does not appear to have a legitimate source of funds and may be a money laundering operation. He allegedly uses the charity to obtain sexual favors from vulnerable women as well as members of Barbados' gay community, and threatens to blackmail them if they don't comply. 

Clarke spends a great deal of his time collecting "rents," during periods which are generally not known to be the normal collection period, giving rise to rumours that he is involved in an illicit activity. He is closely linked to a Jamaican national known to be involved in the drug trade, and Clarke randomly receives calls from Bajans, which he claims are in connection with a construction business.

Clarke is clearly a clear and present danger to all Bajans attempting to assert their legal rights to real estate that they have the right to through inheritance. He is to be avoided at all costs!


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