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Daphne Lives by COSIMO

Observers of the pending investigation into the assassination of Maltese investigative reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia have been asking new questions, in the aftermath of the disclosure that the country's Attorney General quietly filed a request under the Mutual Assistance Treaty with the United States.on Federal Court in the State of Delaware. We have detailed that case in an article on this blog published yesterday, entitled Malta asks United States for Financial Information about Weapons Purchases for Businessman Implicated in Daphne Caruana Galizia Assassination. If you have not previously read this article, it is suggested that you review it at this time.

According to our sources, certain United States law enforcement agencies have accumulated valuable evidence on the DCG case, including metadata, money transfer details, communication records, and other information. The reason that it has not been released is that there has never been a formal request from judicial authorities in Malta. for this data.

That may be the official reason, but in truth and in fact, it's probably something else. The US would not want to derail the current trial against the wealthy Maltese businessman, Yorgen Fenech. It seems that confidential or law enforcement sensitive information in the hands of the Malta Police often finds its way into Fenech's hands.

Also, the evidence does not just involve YF; we understand that the data involves a number of third parties who are reportedly implicated in the assassination, who were in the previous Labour government. We understand that it will eventually be released, once the YF trial, and the Malta Police indicate that investigations are closed, which is currently not the case.

Yorgen Fenech

We also have learnt that there is a second country possibly involved in acquiring DCG evidence; this could be the United Kingdom's GCHQ, Government Communications Headquarters, which monitors international comms traffic. Unfortunately, we cannot release any information we have on this data, because its importance and relevance could have a negative impact on many issues, and therefore the ends of justice. 

We shall continue to update our readers on all non-public developments as they occur, as local Maltese media is subject to a degree of self-censorship, and often declines to publish incriminating information about the Daphne defendants. We don't have any reservations about printing truth to power.    


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