Sunday, April 24, 2016


Fearing the imminent filing of criminal charges against them, the partners at the law firm of Mossack and Fonseca ordered that several categories of files be immediately shredded. Witnesses have reported seeing an unusual number of large garbage bags, all full of shredded documents, which had been removed from the the firm's offices, and which confirms the scope of destruction. Law enforcement subsequently found a large quantity of bags in an unmarked residence, some of which were confiscated as evidence.

You will recall that law enforcement agencies the Government of Panama raided the MF offices recently, and took evidence away, including information stored in electronic form. It is known that much of the data also existed as hardcopies, in traditional office files, and it is believed that this is what has been destroyed.

On another note, it was this blog that originally broke the story, that the theft of information from MF was an inside job, performed by present or former employees, although MF public relations staff alleged that computer hacks were the cause. Now, after extensive analysis and investigation, Panama law enforcement has confirmed that no massive hacks of data  ever took place, meaning that our original details regarding an inside job were true and correct.

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