Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Gary Lundgren's  old securities firm, Interpacific Investors Services, Inc., may have been shut down, and Lundgren given a lifetime ban in the securities industry, but he has reinvented his firm as Interpacific Realty Investments, purporting to be a real estate investment firm, but, in truth and in fact, he is actually still selling securities, both registered and unregistered, and bonds, and certainly not through that 119 Cedar Street, Seattle, Washington office, whose address appears on the website. he is still working offshore.

Clients who access Lundgren's old bond website, , are sent to the new "real estate investment" website, where customers are invited to invest, and are directed to Gary Lundgren's old email address, .

The website also boldly offers a broad range of legal advice to clients, though there are no attorneys listed or named, or biographies supplied, and since Lundgren's former Seattle firm had no lawyers on staff, his new shell company is engaging in Unauthorized Practice of Law, a Class C felony in the State of Washington, RCW 2.48.180, punishable by 5 years' imprisonment, and a $10,000 fine. Curiously, the "Practice Areas" page of the website contains no entries. The title on that page is:"International Business Law Firm helping your Business find its Way," but there is no law firm or attorney.

Note that Global Legal Advisors, SA, which has belatedly been attached to Lundgren's website, is NOT a part of his operation, and even if it was, none of the the attorneys listed are admitted to practice in any of the United States, making any advice they would render to clients residing there, the Unauthorized Practice of Law. The name of their entity is deceptive, and leads the reader to believe they are duly qualified everywhere, another material misstatement of fact.

Actual screen shot from website. LAW FIRM ???

No attorneys, no other staff, just Gary Lundgren in Panama, with three burly bodyguards, to keep victims at bay.

Employees at Lindgren's office in Panama report that he is trading securities for clients living in the Continental United States,, using three computers simultaneously, and employing the email addresses of his two sons, James, and ZacGary, and his wife, in order to evade further sanctions from FINRA and the Securities & Exchange Commission. He is known to be focusing the sale of  junk bonds, and unregistered securities, to US investors, which is a violation of his lifetime ban on trading.

Given that there was little publicity, regarding Lundgren's case with FINRA, most of his former clients may not know, or suspect that he is not longer allow to work anywhere in the securities field, and continue asking him to make trades, on their behalf. Clients will unfortunately assume that they are dealing with the Seattle office, but will later learn, to their dismay, that it is unlicensed, meaning no Securities Investors Protection Act coverage, and that Lundgren is actually operating out of a dodgy tax haven that has been the subject of the Panama Papers scandal, very recently.

Note: Seattle head office on one page, Panama City head office on another.

One wonders whether the State of Panama, which has never granted any securities licenses to Mr. Lundgren, will now take legal or regulatory action against him. Perhaps he can be declared persona non grata,  and put on a plane bound for the United States.

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