Thursday, April 14, 2016


Details released this week, reportedly from the examination of documents known as the Panama Papers, indicate that the law firm of Mossack and Fonseca served a number of intelligence services, including, most notably, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). That information is indeed correct: Mossack Fonseca assisted the CIA, with both the formation and operation of anonymous shell companies, and the covert movement of cash. MF name partner, Jurgen Mossack's father, Erhard, was a CIA asset in Panama, during the Cold War period, which may have served to facilitate MF involvement.

The Panama aspect of the Iran-Contra operation, wherein arms and ammunition delivered to Central American airstrips, ostensibly for the Contras, who opposed the radical Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, and money was earned through the sale of narcotics, smuggled into the continental United States, was commanded by CIA supervisor Reeve Whitson, and assisted by a Canadian covert operative known by a code name; Maximilian. Whitson's unit, known as the Quarry, supervised the arrival of cash, at a  private CIA-controlled airfield at Punta Pacifica, in the area where the Trump building now stands.

It is doubtful that any significant information will be extracted from the Mossack documents, due to the fact that all the relevant MF files were not kept at Mossack; they were stored at the US Embassy. The other covert operation that MF assisted the Company with was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, more commonly known as BCCI, which later imploded in a scandal that exposed the hidden hand of the world's darker forces in the opaque world of international banking and finance. Again, Mossack and Fonseca provided corporate and financial services to the Agency, in its dealings with BCCI.

 Mossack and Fonseca also assisted the CIA with projects, but information about those matters is still believed to be classified, and therefore not an appropriate subject to be included here, but the law firm's covert involvement occurred over a period of many years.

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