Friday, April 15, 2016


Gaspar Lee Pedreschi
Gary James Lundgren, his securities license revoked for life by FINRA, and his clients clamoring for their promised 15% per month interest payments, due from a fraudulent high value investment program he operates, has apparently replaced his in-house attorney (read that as court fixer), Alcides Peña, with Gaspar Antonio Lee Pedreschi, whose photograph appears at the top of this article. If you encounter this guy in Panama City, stay far away, if you want to keep your assets.

Pedreschi, who now makes the rounds with Lundgren, in Panama City, is listed, in the public records, a a director and/or subscriber, of many of Lundgren's fraudulent securities and real estate corporations, and you can assume that he is working with the Alaskan expat's two grown children, in fronting for him, regarding unlicensed trading in US and Canadian securities as well as assisting with Lundgren's true specialty, using bearer share Panamanian companies to fleece retired North Americans.

One more thing: Pedreschi has been heard openly bragging about his regular trips to Medellín, Colombia, so you can add bulk cash smuggler, and money launderer, to his list of duties for Lundgren, who is know to launder narcotics profits, through the purchase of Panama City condominium apartments and offices. Perhaps someone ought to inform this young lawyer about the extraterritorial reach of the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986, and the 20-year prison sentence that can be imposed for violations.     

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