Wednesday, February 11, 2015


We are still waiting to see the initial appellate brief of convicted Ponzi schemer, Joel Steinger, who strangely filed two appeals from his conviction and sentence, in which he entered a guilty plea, and received a 20-year sentence. Upon what legal authority does he base these bizarre appeals ?

The latest procedural error: he failed to file his brief & appendix when due in December, and the Court gave him until the end of January to seek leave to file late. When his counsel did make that request, he failed to attach a copy of the brief and appendix to his motion, committing yet another error of procedure. Is his attorney so unfamiliar with appellate procedure, and local rules, that he continues to make mistakes ? His last one, seeking to add a transcript to the Record on Appeal, when the appropriate procedure is to seek to have it added at the trial court level, indicates a possible lack of knowledge of basic appellate procedure.

Anyway, if the appellant's brief is ultimately admitted, we shall analyze it in detail,  

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