Thursday, February 19, 2015


Observers of the massive unfolding corruption scandal in the Republic of Panama have reported today that virtually all of the former ministers from the Martinelli cabinet have gone into hiding, and are suspected of having left the country, to avoid possible arrest. Most of the ex-ministers are facing insider trading charges, in the Financial Pacific/Petaquilla Mining Ltd. scandal, as well as probable corruption charges.

Martinelli's private business jet, N799RM, a Hawker 800, has reportedly been making flights in and out of Panama, though rumors that it is being used to transport the former ministers are unconfirmed. Efforts are being made to obtain flight records, as well as any passenger manifests that exist. Some ministers have allegedly had their US visas revoked, which raises the probability that they are being moved to another country in Central America, or to Venezuela.

Contrary to published statements of his supporters, Martinelli has not been seen in Miami, although a photograph was released, allegedly showing him dining in the city's Brickell Avenue financial district. Sightings of the former president have not been reported anywhere else in the United States, and he is presumed to have permanently relocated to Paraguay, a jurisdiction from which he cannot be extradited to Panama.

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