Thursday, December 4, 2014


John Flavio Dominguez
The exploding Financial Pacific scandal, now taking place in the Republic of Panama, has guilty former government ministers heading out of town, hoping to be in advance of bank account seizures, but it has also spawned a cottage industry - agents who are ordered to break into downtown Panama city offices, and steal data, computers, and even servers, which are now rapidly disappearing. The burglars are trying to be ahead of government investigators, and seek to seize incriminating evidence of insider trading, and the rampant corruption which pervades Panama's government, on behalf of the guilty PEPs.

Like the burglars of Watergate fame, these individuals are seeking to illegally acquire information. I have been able to identify only one such individual to date, and his actions are no surprise, considering that he has been involved in the sordid side of Panama's financial structure for several years,  and is linked to both Financial Pacific, as well as Financiero Finangente, both of which we have covered of late; he also reportedly embezzled over $2m from one of his former employers.

While he appears to have gone underground, in the performance of these break-ins, and his current office location is not known, John Flavio Dominguez, who is no stranger to this blog, appears to be one of the principal individuals involved in the organized theft of information.  In the event that he is using an alias, I attach his photograph. Should he be seen anywhere near your offices, I recommend that you (1) increase internal security, and (2) notify the authorities.


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