Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Convicted Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford, appealing what is in essence a life sentence for his crimes, must be making a number of enemies over at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals with his filings, and his latest flurry of motions without any legal merit continues to unnecessarily take up the Court's time. Don't his jailhouse lawyer associates, who are ghost writing these pleadings, know that the Court has the right to grant such a request ? Obviously not.

As you may recall, Stanford opposes the extension of time granted to the Appellee, United States, to file its reply brief. The Government now has until February 3, 2015. After multiple motions directed to the same exact issue were denied, he has now styled his latest a Motion for Reconsideration. This ploy was denied in a terse order, probably because what we call successive motion practice, where the identical motion is filed again, using another title in the caption, is not permitted.

So, now that Stanford has obviously alienated a number of people, both staff and the judges, over at the Fifth Circuit, with his conduct, we shall await the Court's ruling, which could come at any time after February 3rd.  

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