Wednesday, December 20, 2023


ALEX NAIN SAAB MORAN, considered by most observers to be formerly the most powerful international money launderer in Venezuela, and who is closely linked to the Maduro government, has cheated American justice after he was released in an exchange for ten American wrongfully detained by Caracas. Saab faced what amounted to a possible sentence of life in prison in a massive money laundering indictment in South Florida, after he was extradited from Cape Verde, while traveling to Iran from Venezuela, which attempted to confer bogus diplomatic immunity upon him ex post facto, an effort rejected by American courts. 

While the fact that the United States was able to bring several American illegally held by the authoritarian government of Venezuela home is important, allowing one of the most dangerous global money launderers to go free, where he can continue to practice his dark profession abroad, moving narcotics profits and the proceeds of corruption for his clients, which include Venezuela's senior government leaders, sends the wrong message to individuals wanted for serious criminal offenses by the Department of Justice. Will other defendants in Federal custody engineer the kidnapping or detention of American citizens, to also have the equivalent of the proverbial Get out of Jail Free Card  so that America  must free them? 

Just one look at the present situation in the Israeli conflict in Gaza, and how the existence of innocent hostages figures in the conduct of the war speaks volumes about how dangerous it is to ransom one of the world's most dangerous money launderers for individuals who were, in essence, hostages put the idea into the heads of others who constitute a clear and present danger to the United States. Alex Saab Moran should be looking at a Life Sentence, not in being returned to his life of crime, cleaning criminal proceeds, all in US Dollars, and laughing at our system of criminal justice.  

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