Thursday, December 28, 2023



Hezbollah flags upon the caskets of the Australian national and his visa-equipped brother

The death, in the frontier between Hezbollah-controlled South lebanon and Israel, of an Australian national claimed as one of its own by the sanctioned terrorist organizations raises questions about how much financial support, or fighters themselves, comes from Lebanese living in Australia. One Lebanese-Australian national and one Lebanese with a visa for Australia were killed in an Israeli response to a Hezbollah attack upon Northern Israel this week. Reportedly, they were obtaining a Lebanese bride for the Australian, to bring back wit him.

Perhaps the government in Sydney should investigate Hezbollah links to Australian citizens or residents. Compliance officers at Australian banks should forthwith check into remittances made into Lebanon, as well as Turkey, which supports Hezbollah's overseas operations. Any suspicious transactions should be immediately forwarded to AUSTRAC for further investigation into terrorist financing. 

The father of the deceased with the caskets.

After Hezbollah admitted that at least one of those who died was a Hezbollah agent, the Foreign Minister of Lebanon made this public statement: 

  “Hezbollah is a listed terrorist organization under Australian law. It’s an offense for any Australian to cooperate with, to support, let alone to fight with a listed terrorist organization like Hezbollah,” Dreyfus told reporters."


NOTE: One of the caskets decorations indicates his designation as a Hezbollah "martyr." 

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