Monday, December 18, 2023


That's right, €1,189,955 in cash, seized recently by the Israel Defense Force, in the supposedly poverty-stricken Jabalya Gaza refugee camp. It was found in the home of a senior Hamas leader. We see that the individual carefully retained the stamped bank receipts appended to each stack of notes, which obviously came from financial institutions in Amman. We must assume that, given the fact that found with the cache was a photograph of a member of the Royal Jordanian Army, whose uniforms ereflect their British military advisor heritage. We cannot confirm that the Hamas leader was himself a former Jordanian military, or if the photo was that of a cooperating individual in a terrorist financing operation.

Was all this cash foreign aid distributed by an agency of the European Union that was "diverted" to the use and benefit of a sanctioned global terrorist organization, or bribes and kickbacks delivered to a senior leader from an EU company, for the privilege of doing business in the Territories, as part of a corrupt arrangement, or even American aid to the Government of Jordan that was converted into Euros as part of terrorist financing? Unfortunately, we may never know, because the odds are the owner is either deceased, which is highly likely, or he fled south to hide somewhere under Khan Yunis, with the other Hamas leaders. 

I would, however, like to see those banded and stamped bank receipts, to identify the Jordanian financial institutions that facilitated the delivery of all this cash.  The dates are also important for investigative purposes, as they may supply hints regarding the actual reasons such a large amount of currency was distributed. Let's also identify the officer whose photograph was found with the money, including his rank, military occupation and unit he was assigned to, all to build a better profile of the events surrounding this million Euro-plus stash of cash.

What if you are you a compliance officer at an international bank that has a correspondent relationship with the bank subsequently identified as the one in Amman disbursing this money?  Do you cancel the relationship forthwith, and break all ties? and who was the officer in your bank who had the responsibility of servicing the Jordanian Bank? It's truth time, ladies and gentlemen. 


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