Tuesday, December 5, 2023


If you are a compliance officer working in a country within the European Union, and you find you must travel to another bank branch, or to visit a customer, be advised that many EU Member states have temporarily reimposed border controls. We are not talking about just at the external frontiers of the Schengen Zone, but also, in a number of what are referred to as Internal Borders within it, meaning the old national borders.

This is said to be only a temporary measure, instituted in large part due to increased illegal migration flows within Europe, but the destabilizing issue of cross-border Palestinian protest activities may also be a contributing factor.

You are reminded to revert to maintaining possession of your passport, and to not rely upon any minor identification card to establish your name and nationality. For further details on specific frontier crossing points that are now subject to documents checks, go to the EC website Migration and Border Control here:


(legal authority for this measure)

Temporary Reintroduction of Border Control

The Schengen Borders Code (SBC) provides Member States with the capability of temporarily reintroducing border control at the internal borders in the event of a serious threat to public policy or internal security.

The reintroduction of border control at the internal borders must be applied as a last resort measure, in exceptional situations, and must respect the principle of proportionality.

The duration of such a temporary reintroduction of border control at the internal borders is limited in time, depending on the legal basis invoked by the Member State introducing such border control.

The scope and duration of reintroduced border control should be restricted to the bare minimum needed to respond to the threat in question. Reintroducing border control at the internal border should only be used as a measure of last resort.

The reintroduction of border control is a prerogative of the Member States. The Commission may issue an opinion regarding the necessity of the measure and its proportionality but cannot veto a Member State’s decision to reintroduce border control.

Notifications of the Temporary Reintroduction of Border Control

Current Temporarily Reintroduced Border Controls

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