Friday, December 15, 2023


If you are a compliance officer at a financial institution in Europe who is responsible for assessing Country Risk, you should reexamine the level you have assigned for Hungary, after the country's leader vetoed €50bn in aid to Ukraine, and told his supporters on Hungarian media that he retained the option to later stop the Ukraine's entry as a member of the European union. In a meeting in Orban's absence, the EU has now opened membership eligibility to the Ukraine, as well as Moldova. 

Given this demonstration of Hungary's close relationship with Russia, which is under massive EU and US sanctions, the risk that Hungarian companies, with state approval, will increasingly seek to evade  existing sanctions, and due to Orban's authoritarian style of governing his country, expect increases in attempts by Hungary to conduct an end run around sanctions. Frankly, we cannot trust Orban not to do so, in a sign of support for Vladimir Putin and Russia.

 Therefore, make your own appraisal about increasing the amount  of Country Risk for Hungary from Low risk to Medium Risk, which means Enhanced due Diligence on all trade transactions of good that could be considered dual-use for the russian war effort.

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