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DESCRIPTION: A survey of the obscure and esoteric advanced money laundering techniques currently or formerly employed by professional money launderers, together with the indicia or Red Flags by which each of these methods can be identified. The material, taken from the presenter's unique experience, first as a bank lawyer, then a decade as a practicing money launderer in Miami and the Caribbean tax havens. His experience is rounded out by thereafter  conducting investigations into financial crime during the past thirty years. He currently acts as a Financial Crime Consultant and Journalist on money laundering, where he covers the broad range of tradecraft on conventional as well as advanced levels.

The presentation, which is designed to aid the frontline compliance officer who is primarily engaged in Account Opening and Transaction Monitoring, uses examples and fact patterns from the experience of the presenter, and actual case histories extracted from court documents. It explains the thought processes and strategies that laundrymen use when creating new and novel techniques, which are often permutations and variations of existing methods, which are useful in the examination of unusual or unorthodox transactions that do not appear to fit conventional patterns of financial crime.

Due to the extensive amount of material delivered, and the complexity of a number of the techniques and methods that are covered, the lecture can be presented in two parts, to maximize the ability of attendees to understand, as well as absorb, the content.  

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The Laundry Man by Kenneth Rijock (Published by Penguin Random House UK) Available in English, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Spanish, Slovak and Chinese.



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