Friday, December 15, 2023



MEHUL CHOKSI, the "Jabba The Hutt of Financial Crime," who has cheated Indian justice in Antigua for years, thanks to his prized Citizenship by Investment (CBI/CIP) Antigua passport, and aided and abetted by both the corrupt Antiguan judiciary, as well as the country's senior government officials, is now reportedly financing a violent South Asia terrorist organization, according to widespread media coverage in his native India, where he is regarded as his nation's Most Wanted fraudster. 

Choksi reportedly appears be funding the activities of a terrorist organization that violently seeks the creation of KHALISTAN, as an independent and separate Sikh state through partition from Indian territory, through extreme means. The terrorist group has conducted assassinations and bombings since the nineteen eighties, giving it the label of HAMAS OF INDIA. The group's activities have for the most part escaped attention in North America, although an alleged Indian plot to murder a Sikh leader in Canada is now beginning to raise awareness here about that country's issues with this minority.

How does Choksi, who stole billions from a major Indian financial institution, show up as a terrorist financier? Simple; he has retained a lawyer in the United Kingdom as part of his large legal team fighting his extradition from Antigua to face the music in India, and he is reportedly grossly overpaying that attorney's fees, which is highly unusual, considering his legal issues are in Antigua, not the UK, and this lawyer is allegedly closely linked to the terrorist group. 

Khalistan symbol

Arrogantly using payments to a lawyer to launder terrorist financing payments has caused outrage within India, and again focuses our attention upon the ability of wealthy Citizenship By Investment passport holders in the East Caribbean to act with impunity, due to their undue influence within the five EC states that sell the lucrative travel documents to financial criminals, sanctions evaders, and nationals from extremely high risk jurisdictions, after which they exploit those passports globally, often at the expense of the Members of the European Union. 

Antigua's historic status as a de facto sanctuary from justice for its CBI passport purchasers continues to be ignored by the United States, which has totally failed to rein in the 5 East Caribbean CBI states since they first started issuing these licenses to commit international crimes in 1983, to anyone with a pile of US Dollars, Source of Funds and Source of Income be damned. Since the US invasion of Grenada during the Cold War, America has pretty much let the corrupt leaders in the region do whatever they wish, including corruption, authoritarian one-party rule, and facilitating money laundering in a grand scale. We wonder whether this terrorist financing scandal, which is damaging India, will cause Washington to wake up, regarding St. Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucia and Grenada.  




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