Wednesday, June 22, 2016


All the signs point to, after all these years of negotiation, the probable signing of a peace treaty, between the Government of Colombia, and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, more commonly known as the FARC, sometime next month. Though many details must need to be worked out, the parties appear to be close to a final agreement.

This raises the question: what will happen to the estimated $600m that the FARC makes annually, from narcotics trafficking ? Much of that money was exported, and has ended up God knows where; Caribbean tax haven banks, Switzerland, and yes, even global investments, after the money was laundered. So what will become of it ? Will there be still more rich men appearing in Miami, with funds whose provenance is foggy at best ?

Whether greedy FARC commanders will simply disappear with bulk cash that they have on hand, in-country, and FARC "diplomats" in Europe take over the money in their organization's laundered EU bank accounts, is anybody's guess. The bearer share accounts in Panama, and Swiss banked wealth, should be surrendered to Colombia, but probably will not.

Perhaps it is time for the Colombian Government to deputize a number of financial investigators, and have the fan out, and seek to repatriate that (formerly) dirty money, for the good of the people of Colombia, who have lost so many innocent civilians to actions of the Marxist FARC. 

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