Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Gary James Lundgren, the American stockbroker and fraudster who lives in Panama, is no stranger to this blog; over the years we have covered his bearer share fraud, insider trading in Panama, sex crimes, money laundering, and sundry other crimes and transgressions. Lundgren, who was banned for life from trading in securities by FINRA, when he refused to open his accounts to FINRA review, has now openly defied the ruling of the regulatory agency, by opening a virtual office, appearing to be located in New York City.

Lundgren is currently maintaining a landline telephone, whose number, (646) 403-4540, he is forwarding to his Panama location. This is a Manhattan area code, and callers hear a voicemail message, confirming that they have reached Mr. Lundgren's office, at Inter-Pacific, his now-closed American broker-dealer company, and assume that he has a satellite office in New York. This is a deliberate misstatement of a material fact.

Nothing could be further from the truth; Mr. Lundgren is far outside the Continental United States, but he is offering so-called high-yield investment products, which claim to pay 10% interest, on a monthly basis, but fail to deliver. His New York telephone number is a deceptive device to assure potential customers that he is a legitimate trader, when, in truth and in fact, he is a known investment fraudster, and trader on inside information, illegally offering fraudulent investments to US and Canadian victims. Lundgren represents a clear and present danger to the North American investing public.

Gary Lundgren with his two sons, James and ZacGary, who are sending in his trades

The Venezuelan attorney who is giving the Lundgren's advice on evading FINRA.

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