Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Monday, June 20, 2016


Gary James Lundgren, whose licenses to sell securities in the United States have been revoked for life by FINRA, attempted recently to purchase a successful brokerage house in Panama City, which he planned use use as a front for his unlicensed high-yield investment program. Unfortunately for Lundgren, the owner declined to sell, at any price.

In response, Mr. Lundgren's attorney* reportedly paid a substantial bribe to the office of the Superintendency of Securities, and in return, the broker-dealer was closed down, by order of the agency; This action ruined the owner financially. Rumors abound around Panama, to the effect that Lundgren have, for many years, avoided arrest in Panama, by acting as an informant, but in this case, he paid to have the company he could not have shut down.

We can expect to see Gary Lundgren seeking to acquire, by legal means or otherwise, a firm with a securities license in Panama City; his grown children, James Lundgren, and ZacGary Lundgren, have reportedly been making trades, in the United States, for his clients, to evade US regulators, but Lundgren appears to be intent upon the purchase of a front company.

* The attorney who, panama insiders say, paid the bribe, was Gaspar Lee Pedereschi, Gary Lundgren's current in-house attorney. 


  1. Yes we know Gary Lindgren who enjoys raping young girls in Washington State and who loves to forge Bills of Sale to steal property on the pretens that he is giving them a loan from an unlicensed security firm in Panama such as GLOBAL VALORES..

  2. NOTE TO READERS: Slanderous statements, and attacks upon the author and other whistleblowers, written by Gary Lundgren, have been deleted.

  3. GL is also facing multiple criminal charges in the USA for stock fraud and that is why Inter Pacific Investors Services was ordered closed for life. FINRA has barred him from trading for life and not his membership.

  4. I rented an office from Lundgren on the 12 floor in 2006 at the Global Bank building where Lundgren boasted that he was a partner but as usual he lied. The building and the office were in terrible shape having problems with Air Conditioning, Flooding, Toilet Overflowing and Transformers blowing up. I gave notice and was up to date on lease but Lundgren and his retarted son ZacGary Lundgren came in during the night and stole all my computers, files, software and telephone system valued over $200,000 and tried to blackmail.

    I could not move my furniture out because Lundgren refused to allow authorisation by the Building Manager. He then created documents drafted by a Panama Notary stating that I gave guarantees for over $200,000. Gary James Lundgren, I hope your family and you rot in prison and in hell.

    How come you do not visit USA Gary James Lundgren? Too many people you defrauded in the USA? To every criminal like you; there will be a judgement day.

    1. He put his hands on his daughter Tiffany in an immoral manner. That is the rumour in Seattle, Washington and a complaint was put in by one of his former wives who believes Lundgren was molesting her

  5. Gary James Lundgren from Washington State is facing pending criminal charges in Canada filed by a Canadian victim for forgery, fraud, perjury involving real estate in Panama and sexual harassment. Lundgren (Lover Boy) is facing 15 years in prison when convicted and in Canada he will be convicted, because he cannot bribe a jury or judge.

    Who will service his sons’ wives now?

  6. The problem is that you provide may be worth our time and also effort. check criminal record


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