Friday, October 23, 2015


Sharon Lexa Lamb
An American pensioner*, living in Florida, who was promised a 100% reimbursement of his investment account by the accomplished fraudster, Cayman resident Sharon Lexa Lamb, has now, months later, been told by Miss Lamb that she would not be refunding his money after all. The investor, who rudely told the Canadian whistle blowers who have been publicly disclosing the details of the $450m trading scandal to leave him out of any civil or criminal action, as he was being paid in full, is now out in the cold, and his entire retirement savings is gone, looted by the Gang of Four.

Attorney demand letters have been sent to counsel for the Cayman Gang of Four, who are: Sharon Lexa Lamb, Ryan Bateman, Fernando Mota Mendes, and Derek Buntain, both in Grand Cayman, and in Canada, and the filing of civil litigation, as well as criminal action, is said to be imminent, lest any readers think that the claimants have lost momentum. Lamb and Mendes remain on the Caymans, operating a shell company, and insisting to investors that their money, which is largely gone, is totally safe, in a financial institution. From the office of Bateman's shell companies (B & C Capital, Bateman Financial, and Bateman Capital), they continue to mislead, and outright lie to, investors looking to obtain their money.
Derek Buntain
Considering that the most recent frauds, perpetrated upon North American investors, by white-collar criminals residing in the Cayman Islands, were total losses for the victims, the compliance world is waiting to see whether the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, or CIMA, will step up in  this case, and assist in a recovery for the victims. Should it fail to act, many compliance officers will most likely choose to raise Country Risk on the Cayman Islands to a point where new investors are discouraged from incurring any financial risk, by engaging in investment activities there, and to recommend that existing investors remove their assets forthwith.

The fugitive Ryan Bateman

Watch this blog for new developments in the case against the Cayman Gang of Four.
* Notwithstanding his extremely poor judgment, in agreeing to work with known fraudsters, he shall remain nameless here.

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