Friday, October 16, 2015


My observations of financial criminals, over the past four decades, up close and personal, have led me to observe that many are also arrogantly involved in other illegal acts, including Crimes against the Person. Some are serial sexual predators; we have extensively covered the activities of career criminal Gary Lundgren, a fraudster masquerading as a financial adviser, wealth management professional, and real estate agent. He is one of those white-collar criminals who preys on vulnerable single, and married, females in Panama City. I call him the Bill Cosby of Panama; if the shoe fits, etc.

Lundgren has a prior history of sexual harassment in the State of Washington, and we believe that is why he relocated to Panama. His sexual predator activities are detailed in Steele vs. Lundgren, 982 P.2d 617 (Wash. Ct. App. 1999), which readers who do not have access to the Pacific Reporter can read here*. He reportedly was engaged in the same course of conduct with a number of victims in Washington.
Gary Lundgren a/k/a Gary James Lundgren

In the Republic of Panama, I have personal knowledge of several victims of his predatory activity, including one who reported him for rape to the local police. Unfortunately, in Panama's macho environment, cases cannot be brought unless there is a witness, which  means most sexual battery complaints never become criminal charges. Also, a law enforcement reluctance to charge anyone with rape, unless it was accompanied by violence, further decreases any possibility that offenders will face justice for their crimes.

Gary Lundgren's method of operation: he hires away an attractive assistant, at higher wages than she earns at her current job, and makes her his personal assistant. he then intimidates her into a sexual relationship, and, fearing loss of her job, she fails to report him to the authorities. After a time, he tires of her company, and fires her, making sure she cannot get work elsewhere, and goes on to a new victim. He has paid off the most vocal victims, insuring that he will not be charged with sexual battery in Panama.

How is this relevant in a blog that reports on white-collar crime ? Financial criminals often pose physical dangers to the public, and the extent of their sins and transgressions need to see the light of day, we need to warn potential victims of the threats they pose to the community. Consider known white-collar criminals, who may also be sexual predators, as public enemies, and steer clear of them. If any readers have been victims of Gary Lundgren, whether it be his financial frauds, or his sexual offenses, feel free to contact the writer, in confidence, and you will be referred to the appropriate government agencies for assistance. My email address appears on the upper right-hand corner of this page.


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