Thursday, October 1, 2015


Lamb, Bateman, Buntain
The Cayman Gang of Four*, facing not only whistleblowers, who have exposed their fraudulent use of investors funds, in a massive trading scam, but victims who are initiating civil suits, and criminal prosecution, have resorted to publishing confidential information about their victims, violating the laws of Cayman Islands, and exposing them to additional criminal charges. They have not only made illegal disclosures that will result in additional charges, and prison time, but will make them, as investment professionals, pariahs in the Cayman Islands financial community.

Sharon Lexa Lamb, the former Dundee Bank Senior Vice President, has illegally published customer identification information regarding the victims, in an efforts to discredit them, and their claims. Details about specific bank accounts, the ownership of corporations, and other bank secrecy information, all of which may not be disclosed under the laws of the Cayman Islands, have been sent to multiple individuals, and entities, in a futile effort to interfere with victims' current banking relationships. She was assisted by Bateman & Company Managing Director, Fernando Mota Mendes.

 Efforts to conceal the source of this information have been detected,  but since the Gang of Four was in sole possession of this restricted financial data, they are the obvious originators of this criminal act. The victims have notified the appropriate Cayman Islands law enforcement authorities, and will be pressing criminal charges.

Sharon Lexa Lamb in Cuba
* The Gang of Four are:
Sharon Lexa Lamb
Ryan Bateman
Derek Buntain
Fernando Mota Mendes

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