Thursday, October 15, 2015


It may not be politically correct to discuss, due to the fact that Turkey is a NATO member, and an ally in the war against ISIS, but the payments for the teenage terrorists who are stabbing and shooting Israeli citizens, in daily attacks in Jerusalem and elsewhere, are coming from Hamas' foreign field headquarters, located in Turkey. Perhaps the fact that Turkey has refused to close down the Hamas operations center, after being asked, is so embarrassing to the US and the UK, that it has clamped down on any discussion of its terrorist payment pipeline in mainstream Western media. How can the Western democracies allow Turkey to subsidize a designated terrorist organization so openly ?

On this side of the Pond, there's another embarrassing aspect to the story: the money used, to pay off the families of these teenage terrorists, some of whom as are young as 13, originally came from banks in Panama. Money from Hamas' terrorist financing operations in the Western Hemisphere flow through Panama City banks, who practice willful blindness when it come to terrorist organizations repatriating drug profits and the proceeds of other crimes. How law enforcement agencies in the United States & Canada can allow Panama to openly move terrorist funds to the Middle East is beyond me; monitoring the traffic, with no arrests being made, is no way to run a counter-terrorism operation.  

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