Friday, July 7, 2023


If you took the time to look carefully at the photographs that appeared last week, of the Palestinians in the Jenin Refugee Camp on the West Bank who were firing at the Israeli Defence Forces trying to arrest known terrorists, you saw that the weapons they employed were fully automatic American-made M4 assault rifles. For those of you with no military experience, those were not Vietnam-era vintage M16s, that could have come from anywhere, but the modern version of that battle rifle, which was used in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is in current use in the US Army. Look at the retractable stock, and shorter barrel, and you can tell these terrorists have the latest equipment, not old castoffs from a prior war.

Where on earth did those rifles come from, we wonder? Israeli media has accused Iran of being the funding source for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the terrorist organization responsible for most of the murders of unarmed Israeli civilians in recent months, but specifically, which ostensible ally of the United States has been the supplier of that equipment?  Who is selling them to Iran, which has been engaged in smuggling arms, ammunition and explosives to terrorist organizations in the Middle East? With friends like that, facilitating terrorism, who needs enemies?  Those M-4s have been used to kill Americans who happen to be in Israel.

All those weapons have serial numbers. I'd like to know who they were shipped to, please. Can you say arms trafficking? 

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