Thursday, July 13, 2023


The systemic corruption in Barbados, whereby attorneys steal valuable tracts of real property when handling probate matters, as well as having public records fraudulently altered or destroyed, and creating forged instruments, which has not been previously addressed, reportedly will now be the subject of legal action abroad. A number of the victims plan to bring civil actions against the offending lawyers, in a forum outside of Barbados' tainted legal system, where powerful attorneys and government officials can improperly influence the outcome, through prevailing upon the country corrupt judiciary to delay proceedings indefinitely, or  simply dismiss cases against lawyers.

The matter will have international implications, for many of the lawyers who allegedly stole real property have gone on to serve in local government at the national level, and the stain of exposure of their dark deeds could affect their reelection prospects. It is noteworthy that when such criminal actions regarding lawyers stealing real estate from the descendants of the original owners were exposed in St. Lucia, it resulted in a change of government. Whether the ensuing scandal will have the same outcome is not known, because of the stranglehold that corrupt Bajan lawyers have on the political system.

When these proceedings become a matter of public record, we intend to cover all developments as they occur. Pushback from the lawyers involved in illegal activities is expected, including attempts to censor the news in local media, but elsewhere in the East Caribbean, where similar misconduct among attorneys is common, it is likely that there will be media commentary for Bajans to review.

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