Wednesday, July 26, 2023



The prime ministers of the five East Caribbean states that have been selling Citizenship by Investment (CBI/CIP) passports to all who apply, and which allow the holders, as nationals of Commonwealth of Nations members, visa-free access to the United Kingdom, are hopping mad, according to Britain has cancelled visa-free access for the Commonwealth of Dominica, due to what the Home Secretary declares pose a risk to the UK."

That visa-free entry is, in a large part, the reason Iranians, Russians, Syrians and North Koreans all beat a path to the East Caribbean "CBI states," so that they can, posing as West Indians for former British territories, can slip into Europe, without being questioned and interrogated in a visa application, and rejected. it is the Golden Goose that Dominica's corrupt leadership, especially its Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has benefitted from for two decades, as have leaders from the other four CBI passport-selling states. They all now fear, rightly so, that their lucrative CBI money train, which accept payment only in US dollars, may soon be over.

Not only are the five CBI EC states vigorously complaining, and even angry, about Dominica's "loss," but three other jurisdictions in Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), who don't even have CBI passports for sale, have also raised their voices in protest, in what most observers have concluded is nothing less than anti-UK  sentiment, couched as anti-Colonialism. This is about threats to the United Kingdom, ladies and gentlemen, about terrorist financiers, corrupt PEPs, thieving Russian Oligarchs, and other of the Usual Suspects in the world of transnational crime, all sneaking into the UK with impunity.

As their response, the EC Prime Ministers have privately stated that they intend to forthwith remove the image of the British Sovereign from their common currency, the East Caribbean Dollar. Whether this action has any effect upon King Charles III is doubtful, and their negative comments may even steel the resolve of the UH Home Secretary to yank the visa-free status of ALL the remaining four EC states, as the unintended consequences of the jingoistic actions of the PMs. According to reliable reports, the image will be removed by the EC central Bank Monetary Council.

In truth and in fact, given that the European Union has also had it with dangerous and unsuitable individuals clutching those CBI passports, and doing damage in Continental Europe's Schengen Zone. Only lone Malta continues to plague EU members with financial criminals carrying those purchased CBI passports; the other EU jurisdictions have been forced to shed their economic passport programs, and the EU has signalled that EC CBI passports may have a short shelf life. 

Are CBI passports an endangered species? We cannot say, but Eastern Caribbean leaders may have inadvertently cut the life expectancy of their passport sales programs short this week; Stay tuned.

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