Tuesday, July 25, 2023


If you thought the current chaotic political situation in the Republic of Malta was bad, it is about to get worse. The country's Cabinet is covertly conspiring to oust their ineffective Prime Minister, ROBERT ABELA, by a Vote of No Confidence. This method, which was previously responsible for Abela's Godfather and predecessor, JOSEPH MUSCAT, has been brewing remotely, and not in person, through a private WhatsApp chat group operating in total secrecy.

The Cabinet is apparently waiting for the opportune moment to spring into action, because RA has complete control over the Labour Party(PL) media apparatus, and they are well aware of this. The Cabinet has party insiders feeding them the directives RA is giving to his loyal henchmen at the Party's television station and on radio. They are patiently waiting for the right time to strike.

The reason that this rebel cabal of the Cabinet are furious at Abela is simple; he listens far more to his father's advice than he does to his cabinet. GEORGE ABELA, Malta's former President, is in effect leading the show, as if he was still in power. As we have previously explained, George has the reputation of a spiteful politician who hates opposition of any kind, and RA is well known to always listen to his father. Daddy's Boy accusations appear to have a basis in fact. Abela even ignored his wife's pleadings about the JEAN PAUL SOFIA scandal. She tried to convince him, in vain, to open a public inquiry in the case.  Even the tightly-controlled and censored major Maltese media is critical of how RA is mishandling the matter.

Who will replace Abela at Labour? No one candidate stands out at this time, for they fear becoming too assertive, thereby incurring George Abela's displeasure, with potentially dangerous consequences, in a country where organized crime works hand in hand with the most senior leaders in government. It can be hazardous to your health to politically cross George Abela; We wait for the ax to fall.

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