Tuesday, July 4, 2023


Notwithstanding our thorough investigation of India's Most Wanted fraudster MEHUL CHOKSI, and the report we published, which debunks his fantastic story about being kidnapped, Choksi continues to have help, on a official level, in support of his bogus claim. We know he intended to flee to Cuba, a non-extraditable jurisdiction, but the Government of Antigua, whose officials were well paid to fabricate a fiction about Indian agents kidnapping him, continues to assist him in cheating justice. It might be relevant at this time to focus on Police Commissioner ATLEE RODNEY, who was one of the senior officials aiding and abetting Choksi in evading extradition to his native India. Rodney, who is Dominican, not Antiguan by birth, helped establish the Choksi kidnapping myth. He is named, and quoted, extensively in my Report, which is widely available on the Internet, as well as on my blog. His statements on the subject are abject falsehoods.

 According to our reliable sources within the government, the Commissioner, who ascended to his position in 2020 after being confirmed* by SAG Steadroy Benjamin, runs a corrupt law enforcement organization where he consistently covers up crimes that his staff commits. He is widely known to lie about their misdeeds, and then claim that civilians speaking up about him have no evidence. An Antiguan police officer was duly reported to the Commissioner's office by a civilian, who was defrauded out of $7000. Both the the Commissioner, and the Sergeants in his office, declared  the offending officer free of wrongdoing, even though evidence of misconduct proved otherwise. Additionally, the Commissioner was instrumental in obstructing the civilian victim from taking legal action against the officer. if the officer was free of guilt, why did Rodney stop the victim from taking legal action against him?

Therefore, for this and other reasons, Commissioner's Rodney's public statements on the Choksi matter cannot be believed, and his corrupt role in covering up the Indian fugitive's failed escape attempt, which was disclosed by individuals in his own department, and we have consistently reported, is confirmed. He should resign, and if he fails to resign immediately, Attorney General Benjamin must sack him forthwith. There is enough corruption in Antigua, without the Royal Police Force of Antigua further contributing to it.


* Rodney's appointment as Commissioner was recently ruled unlawful, null and void by an Antiguan Court. So much for the principle that Antigua follows the Rule of Law.

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