Tuesday, July 18, 2023


A number of Bajans who have lost valuable real estate which they should have properly inherited from their families, but which was taken from them through massive, organized probate fraud, conducted by several dozen prominent Barbados attorneys, acting in concert, have brought an action in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, alleging repeated violations of Florida's Civil RICO law, Chapter 895 Florida Statutes. This case represents an indictment of the systemic lack of integrity of Barbados' legal community, and the government's role in facilitating widespread organized fraud, which many legal observers view as a Kleptocracy masquerading as a democracy. 

Included as defendants are a number of attorneys now serving in senior government posts, including sitting Prime Minister MIA AMOR MOTTLEY, and members of the judiciary who were formerly private attorneys. The Plaintiffs allege that through the forgery of  conveyances , fraud, material misrepresentation, exploitation of uneducated clients, manipulation of official records (especially the real property register), and probate files, the Defendant lawyers have cheated the Plaintiffs out of the right to inherit family real estate valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more, over a 50-year period.

A common type of real estate fraud exploited by corrupt lawyers there explained to me involved the use of sequential warranty deeds, conveying stolen realty, relying upon a loophole in Barbados law involving the creation of legally sufficient title to convey to a third party. Many old family estates were looted in this manner; the status of real estate titles to most Barbadian real estate is questionable as the direct result of this illegal technique. Several extremely valuable hotel properties are claimed by old-line Barbadian families who allege they were stolen by local attorneys and sold to foreign developers and hotel chains.     

The Plaintiffs asks the Court to order a transfer to them of their substantial real and personal property assets owned by the Defendants, and located within the State of Florida, which was allegedly purchased with funds the Defendants obtained through sale of the properties they reportedly stole through rampant fraud, and for money damages that exceed $50,000. Justice, which cannot be had in Barbados' corrupt court system, may turn out to be served against these ninety-three lawyers elsewhere.

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