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Before I served in the Vietnam War,  and attended law school, my undergraduate university major was the intense study of history, especially that of twentieth century Europe, so bear with me on the backstory. The story of Nazi Germany's infamous "Hungarian Gold Train," loaded with the wealth of thousands of Jews from Budapest who perished in Auschwitz-Birkenau late in the war, a train which never made it to Berlin,  its intended destination, is well known. The fact that the assets on board were never repatriated to their victims, or their heirs is a sad story, made darker by subsequent evidence that many senior US Army officers looted some of art and jewelry treasures for their own use, is a well known aspect of post-war history, some of which was classified by the United States for decades, given the onset of the Cold War, with Hungary then being located behind the Iron Curtain. 

What is not generally known is that Hungary's Arrow Cross Party, a fascist organization which assisted Nazi Germans in the 1944 invasion of Hungary, which was a central figure in the rampant murder and deportation of their country's affluent Jewish population, collected and confiscated tens of thousands of the victims' 1924 German External Loan Bonds (Deutsche Aussere Anleihe),  which were gold-backed obligations to pay for post-WWI recovery, and underwritten by a financial institution in the United States. 

We have previously detailed how individuals in Hungary, linked to ministerial figures in Hungary's present far-right government, are seeking to fraudulently redeem some of these bonds, which disappeared in 1944 from two Jewish-owned banks in Budapest. See 80 Years After the Holocaust, The Descendants of Hungarians who committed Atrocities try to Cash in German Bonds of the Victims (May 31, 2023); Hungarian Fraudsters with Bonds stolen from Murdered Holocaust Victims seek to Redeem them...  (June 18, 2023). We intend to name the Hungarian attorneys who are orchestrating this well-organized fraud in a subsequent article in this series, as well as the Asian entities being employed as fronts in the applications, due to testimony and evidence that we have received from Holocaust Survivors, whistleblowers with first-hand knowledge,, intelligence analysts and compliance officers, who are continuing to investigate the fraudsters, and those who committed unspeakable war crimes in Hungary at the end of the Second World War, and passed down that stolen treasure to them. 

While the infamous Gold Train, whose journey was interrupted, and later terminated, never reached its intended destination, the cargo which included boxes of these German Bonds, and which was under the control of the Iron Cross, was removed and transported into neutral Switzerland, reportedly with the aid of corrupt senior officers in Germany's Schutzstaffel (SS), who secured passage, and were compensated for their assistance. The bonds were delivered to a financial institution in Zurich, in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, where they have been secured in a warehouse for several decades, until a legal opportunity (a new 3 year redemption window) arose to bring them out into the sunshine. We have whistleblowers

Although efforts, by the heirs of Arrow Cross officers, whom we intend to identify by name, are attempting to redeem these bonds, and collect what amounts to blood money of the Holocaust, have to date been reportedly unsuccessful, it is time to bring to light the guilty parties involved, in both Switzerland as well as Hungary, so that not only will this dark history finally see the light of day, but that accountability be assigned to the bad actors who are presently involved; Stay tuned. 

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