Friday, October 14, 2022



The media noise has died down of late, regarding the whereabouts of Malaysia's most famous white collar criminal, more commonly known in the west as JHO LO, but he reportedly is still actively operating in the People's Republic of China. Jho, who is expected to seek refuge in St. Kitts & Nevis, where he holds a Kittitian CBI passport, and is believe to have real estate holdings, as well as substantial bank accounts, was thought to be intending to pass from China to SKN, via a circuitous route. He may still end up in the Caribbean republic's sleepy capital, Basseterre, where his extradition to Malaysia could be indefinitely delayed, due to St. Kitts' corrupt judiciary, which takes its orders from senior government officials.

For those not familiar with his case, Jho Lo was the principal fraudster in the $2.7bn One Malaysian Development Berhad scandal. He should be considered Malaysia's most wanted fugitive, and should he ultimately be detained and stand trial for what many in his country consider unspeakable offenses, stealing from a government trust, his physical survival would be in doubt. 

The latest intelligence has Jho Lo under the personal protection of a prominent PRC government official; as a billionaire fugitive, he most likely has access to sufficient assets to buy loyalty amongst China's corrupt leadership. Whether he eventually braves the dangers of international travel, to reach a safe haven in the East Caribbean we cannot say, but we will be watching.



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