Friday, October 14, 2022



Here's Leroy King's Bureau of Prisons Inmate Page

Remember the leader of Antigua's Financial Services Regulatory Commission, LEROY KING ? He managed to evade extradition from his native Antigua & Barbuda, thanks to the local corrupt judiciary, which is tightly controlled by government leaders, for more than a decade, before he finally met justice in a Texas courtroom, in the Stanford International Bank Ponzi scheme scandal.

 He pled to one count, but deserved a Life Sentence, in my humble opinion, as his lies and delays kept American investigators and regulators from the awful truth, that there was nothing backing up Allen Stanford's certificates of deposit. His lack of moral clarity, and greed, put him where he is now. 

The Court was wise enough to mete out the maximum ten year sentence to the single count, for his many crimes; in his arrogance, King appealed his sentence to the Fifth Circuit; He should have thanked his lucky stars. You can see the results in the Fifth Circuit's opinion below.  His release date is in the year 2028; note that he is serving his time in a medical centre. Perhaps if he had submitted to American justice a dozen years ago, he wouldn't now be in danger of dying in prison, far from his native Antigua. 

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