Thursday, October 13, 2022



R. Allen Stanford, infamous for his bogus Antigua-based certificates of deposit that he used to fleece investors, and who is serving an unprecedented 110-year sentence for his sins, refuses to take his medicine, and continues to scheme, regarding release from the Federal Prison in Coleman, Florida. Thirteen years into his sentence, Stanford, who ruined countless lives with his Ponzi scheme, seeks to further game the criminal justice system with an eye to his release.

His last two attempts, a Motion for Compassionate Release, due to his age and physical ailments, and his Motion for Release from Judgment, both failed, but he has appeals pending on both matters. 

We are covering these matters, as his many victims deserve to know what his schemer is presently up to, in case they wish to obtain counsel to take any action. Although both motions have been denied, they are still on appeal. Victims have the right to retain attorneys and file Amicus (Friend of the Court) briefs opposing reversal of the District Court opinions, and given the massive economic damage that Stanford inflicted, perhaps they might want to. 

This individual has not produced any evidence to justify his release from Federal Prison. To the contrary, he is where he deserves to be, for the rest of his life.

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