Tuesday, October 25, 2022


                                                               OJ comes to Malta?

The Shift News has exposed the fact that Malta's defrocked former Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, has formed a new consultancy, which he has named OJmed Limited. Poor choice of words, perhaps? In any event, when individuals who are not lawyers create consultancies in Malta, it is usually so they can use them to disguise the receipt of bribes & kickbacks that they are due in the European's Union's most corrupt  Member state.Which one is it, Joe? Is the company to be the recipient of medical kickbacks, perhaps? Check out the name of the lawyer who formed it, and you may have your answer.

Look at Muscat's track record; after being drummed out of the premiership, he mysteriously starts receiving "consulting payments" from abroad, especially from jurisdictions known to be opaque when it comes to such minor details as Beneficial Ownership.  Does anyone from Malta call him on this, other than some minor items in Malta's self-censored establishment press? Outside of the reformist NGOs, who are the Conscience of Malta, his ill-gotten gains are soundly ignored. No wonder he is doubling down by forming a new entity; he believes that he can act with impunity in his little domain.

Credit: the Shift News

Can someone tell me what Malta-based bank has has opened accounts in the name of OJmed, please so that I can notify OFAC and FinCEN, because it is most likely that some American businessmen are going to be sending US Dollars there, and violating our Foreign Corrupt Practises Act (FCPA) in the process?

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