Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Ryan Bateman
The Canadian securities dealer & fraudster Ryan Bateman, wanted in the Cayman Islands, for failing to appear at his trial, on charges of brutally beating his wife*, and named as a major player in the Cayman Gang of Four** $450m theft, is up to his old tricks again, and this time in South Florida. Bateman is living in Southwest Ranches, near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In September 15, 2016, Bateman formed a shell corporation, under Florida law, called Santa Ana Canyon Development Corporation, which is the exact same name as a California company, formed back in 1987, and whose principal officer is Bateman associate, Shane Manning. Earlier this year, a  company Bateman had a controlling interest in, EYGY, was suspended by regulators, after allegations were made of price manipulation. What is Bateman planning with Santa Ana ?

Financial criminals often form corporations, with the same name, in multiple jurisdictions, which affords them the ability to quietly transfer funds out of a country, without alerting victims, tax authorities, or law enforcement agencies, and to hide criminal proceeds from prying eyes seeking to recover them, through levy, or attachment and garnishment.

For example, Bateman formed B & C Capital, Ltd., in the Cayman Islands, and the same name in the UK, and in the Bahamas. he also formed  B & C Capital, Inc., in the Republic of Panama. Most bankers do not have such attention to detail, that they would notice the difference, in an international wire transfer request; some bankers even ignore inconsistencies in the suffix ( Ltd., Corp., Inc., etc.) when handling funds. This is how money launderers exploit busy bankers; the devil is in the details.

Bateman has been playing this deceptive game for years, using BVI, Cayman, Panama, UK, and other jurisdictions, to facilitate his fraud schemes, move dirty money for clients, and hide laundered criminal profits from his victims. Where will he strike next ? We cannot say, but we will be watching.
* According to Cayman sources, he also committed sexual battery, but he was not charged
   with that crime.
** The Cayman Gang of Four are Derek Buntain, the cashiered former president of Dundee Merchant Bank, also a Canadian, Sharon Lexa Lamb, the former Senior Vice President of the bank, also fired, Ryan Bateman, Fernando Mendes, and William Tynkaluk, the Director of Leon Frazer & Associates, Inc., of Ontario, Canada. Lamb and Buntain are in hiding; they are not in the Cayman islands.
Lamb, Bateman, Buntain


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