Saturday, December 17, 2016


Kimberlyn David & Okke Ornstein

Okke Ornstein, twice convicted in the Republic of Panama, and now serving a 40-month sentence, has his associates on the Internet, asking for "donations" for attorneys' fees, in a third case going to trial in Panama. The problem is, it is all a complete fabrication: Panama is paying his lawyer's fees, as it is a court appointment; he has a free lawyer, and the request for fees foe an "imprisoned journalist" is as bogus as Ornstein himself, a career criminal, who fled Panama years ago, to avoid serving time for his convictions, and hid out in the Netherlands, to avoid being served in another criminal case.

Ornstein's partner in the fraudulent solicitation of money, the American expat, Kimberlyn David, is opened up websites and social media pages, often under aliases, posing as interested third parties, seeking "justice" for Ornstein. Not only did he receive a fair trial, he was present at all hearings, and he had a competent, experienced lawyer. No journalist, but a part-time blogger, who slandered many Panamanians, in an effort to extort money, Ornstein has been involved in Panama's lucrative child pornography business for years. He also has a $5m judgment of record against him, and he stole $35,000, from a charity in the Netherlands.

After he is released, Ornstein will be deported to the Netherlands, to serve a 1-year sentence; he also has a $1m judgment against him there. Does this sound like a legitimate member of the press ? The Dutch journalists writing about him would do well to read his long rap sheet, before naming him as one of their own. Besides, he still has three criminal trials ahead of him in Panama.

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