Monday, September 5, 2016


Lest you think that America's biggest Ponzi schemers skate on their crimes, after stealing millions from their victims, here is a list of the Federal prison sentences of the individuals that I have been covering on this blog in recent years. While the victims often lose their life savings, and feel that these sentences are often too light, I think that you will find that the punishment often fits the crime with these fraudsters.

If you are not familiar with any of them, use the search box on this blog, to locate their stories. I am listing the reported Bureau of Prison presumptive release date. Federal inmates must serve 85% of their sentences, and if they are guilty of infractions while incarcerated, they can lose that 15%, or a portion thereof, and be required to serve it as well.

(1) BERNARD MADOFF    (150 years)  November 14, 2139
(2) JOEL STEINGER           (20 years)     July 30, 2029
(3) NEVIN SHAPIRO          (20 years)     November 9, 2027
(4) SCOTT ROTHSTEIN    (50 years)      June 1, 2031 ? ( in WitSec-witness protection, no official estimated release date available)
(5) ALLEN STANFORD    (110 years)    April 17, 2105

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