Monday, September 26, 2016


Last year Richard Chichakli, who was convicted in US District Court in New York of violating sanctions law and regulations, filed a civil suit Pro Se, against Preet Bhararra, the US Attorney for Manhattan, and one of his assistants, Christian Everdell. The case is not yet at issue, and the plaintiff is seeking to file an Amended Complaint, but since Chichakli is scheduled for release next year, the case may never be heard, but you may find it compelling. Was there an abuse of power, because he was Viktor Bout's partner ?

The Complaint states that the Government seized all of Chichakli's personal documents, when it executed a search warrant at his US residence, back in 2005. His files, which were allegedly in the possession of the US Attorney's Office, were ordered turned over to him, by the trial judge in his criminal case, but he has never received them.

You will recall that Chichakli was shipped around the United States, after his conviction, ending up in Miami, which was far from his New York attorney, and prevented him, according to Chichakli, from properly assisting his lawyer with his appeal. During his trial, Chichakli complained that the strict conditions of his pre-trial detention interfered with his trial preparation. An objective observer might conclude that he was subject to treatment, and conditions of incarceration, that increased stress, and diminished his ability to work on his case, both pre-trial, and during post-conviction proceedings.

The files, which included his US Citizenship records, and his military service record, were necessary to enroll him in US Bureau of Prisons reentry programs. The plaintiff, in addition to demanding the return of his records, is seeking money damages. His social security number was stolen by an identity thief, after it was published by the Government, and unauthorized tax returns filed under his name.

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