Saturday, September 17, 2016


If you were wondering whether we would be seeing a denial this month, of Allen Stanford's Petition for a Writ of Certiorari, which is pending before the United States Supreme Court*, there has been a delay in the briefing. The Solicitor General sought, and obtained two extensions of the deadline date for filing its Response, and the last order allows him to file by October 12th.

Note that, originally the Government had waived its right to file a Response, but the Court then requested that one be filed. Stanford's District Court conviction was affirmed by the Fifth Circuit, and the odds that the high court will agree to consider the case are small, and the issues Stanford presented do not look to me to constitute likely reversible error,  but it was a case of great public interest, so we shall continue to follow it for our readers.

Stanford is currently incarcerated at the US Penitentiary Coleman II, which is located in central Florida. His presumptive release date is April 17, 2105, at which time he will be 155 years old, which means he will die while in custody.
*Robert Allen Stanford vs. United States, Case No. 15-1490 (US Sup Ct).

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