Sunday, July 20, 2014


In a Reply Memorandum, filed in connection with his pending Motion for a New Trial, Richard Chichakli has alleged that the United States government deliberately sabotaged his ability to prepare for trial, in which he was acting as his own counsel, pro se. Chichakli has stated that, had he known about the prior inconsistent statements of a government witness, an aviation dealer from whom he attempted to illegally purchase a passenger jet, he would have impeached him in the stand, and not be found guilty. He is accusing the government of failing to timely disclose important evidence, resulting in his conviction.

Chichakli says that the government intentionally had him housed in the SHU, the area of the Federal jail where inmates are kept in isolation, and where he could not adequately prepare for trial. He also alleges that he was moved around, which further interfered his ability to conduct his own defense.

Finally, he says he did not receive the material that showed prior inconsistent statements of a witness until the first day of trial, when the witness was on the stand. He asks how he could have reviewed the material at that late state, especially since he was acting as his own attorney. He also states that he received additional discovery, during the trial, which was far too late to review it.

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