Wednesday, July 16, 2014


General Noriega, and what he says is his game image 

Former Panamanian head of state and General, Manuel Noriega, serving time in prison in Panama, after stints in American and French prisons, has filed a civil suit against an American video manufacturer, alleging that his images and likeness has appeared in a popular video game, " Call of Duty: Black Ops II" without his authorization or consent.

Noriega, who completed his US sentence, was then extradited to France, where he haD been convicted in absentia for money laundering, and murder, and was later shipped to Panama, to serve time on other charges, claims that he has been portrayed as a "kidnapper, murderer, and enemy of the state" in the game, where he reportedly betrays his associates. 

He is seeking damages for unjust enrichment, unfair business practices, and violation of common-law publicity rights. There is also, reportedly, a punitive damage claim pending.

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