Wednesday, July 16, 2014


If you were thinking that the penalties visited upon BNP Paribas by US regulators recently were too harsh, consider this: The bank, according to published statements, made by its compliance staff to senior management, knew very well that the BNP program of evading US sanctions on the Sudan was assisting in supporting the regime, and keeping it in power there. Management disregarded the information, and chose lucrative profits over obeying sanctions. Their total and complete arrogance, in the face of obvious risks for noncompliance, can only be explained by pure greed.  

As you may know from my previous articles, the regime in Sudan has been engaged for years in allowing Iranian-manufactured missiles to be transshipped through its territory, and into Egypt, from where the arms are smuggled in Gaza. Therefore, you can place the blame squarely upon BNP for facilitating the Iranian missiles that Hamas has rained upon the civilian population. If there was a regime change in Sudan, that underground missile pipeline would dry up. Remember that the next time someone opines that the US sanctions were excessive. They didn't go far enough, in my humble opinion.

The Sudan as a clear and present danger ? You might want to watch the YouTube video ( English subtitles) of the Sudanese cleric Al-Jazouli declaring that Islam permits the killing of American women and children.

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