Tuesday, March 20, 2012


When you supplement your due diligence enquiry with a quick look at a search engine, never forget that there exists a cottage industry of Internet "rehabilitation" companies, whose sole aim is to prevent you from seeing that one negative news item about your prospective client that's on the web.

What do they do, to accomplish this ?

(1) See that favourable articles about the client, his business, or some other aspect of his life appear in articles that are posted to the www.

(2) Make charitable donations on the client's behalf, especially where he is given online credit on the charity's website. Photo opportunities, where the client is pictured online, are particularly good.

(3) have the client sponsor a sports club, especially a youth activity. Newspaper coverage always shows up.

(4) Build a website extolling the client's participation in a non-governmental organisation that is responsible for good works in the community. If the client cannot join one, then they create one, and publicise it. it may be an inactive shell, or perform minimum tasks, but the websites always appear to exhibit a serious purpose; It could be bogus.

(5) Expand the client's business website. Have him author something  about the company's history, or its goals.

(6) Have the client write (or ghost it) a scholarly or critical paper, and post it somewhere on the web.

All of these activities, given their relevancy, will push the negative article about the client's arrest to the back of any search query. Lazy searchers typically only look at the first page of their search results. Are you one of those ?

Therefore, always examine ALL of the entries you find in an Internet search of your target, lest you fall victim to a clever service that has effectively hidden that negative item at the end of your search results. Forget about the relevancy factor present in your search results; check them all out.

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