Sunday, March 25, 2012


Wondering why the Iranian man in the street is not calling for an end to his country's illegal WMD and ballistic missile programmes, so that he can eat ? It's because the United States sanctions programme specifically exempts most food items. Add to that medicines and medical devices, cigarettes chewing gum, sporting goods, popcorn, cupcake sprinkles, hot sauce, and a host of other things, and you have your answer. If we don't stop everything, it could fail miserably, just like it has with Cuba since the 1963.

Now add to this, the indirect export of prohibited goods to adjacent countries (e.g. UAE, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, and on and on) that America fails to carefully monitor to end users. They are simply transshipped on the dhow across the Gulf, or on transport to the border of Iran, and you get sanctions failure, squared.

If you are seeking economic sanctions as a means to force compliance with United Nations sanctions upon the manufacture of Weapons of mass destruction, kindly remember that economic warfare must be total and universal to succeed. What the United States is doing now is fooling itself.  So long an our typical Iranian can purchase American-manufactured juice at his corner market, sanctions will fail.

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