Monday, March 26, 2012


Longtime readers of my work will recall when I exposed the billionaire money launderer for Venezuelan President Chavez' family, Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco, whose arrest and current imprisonment in Venezuela was reportedly at the personal request of Fidel Castro. Now, someone claiming to be yours truly has written to blogger and critic of the Chavez regime, Alek Boyd, trying to intimidate him into deleting my old articles exposing Fernandez from his website. Why bother, he will not be released from prison, nor tried, so long as Chavez remains in power. Fernandez knows all the secrets about Swiss bank accounts.

How can anyone take an impersonator seriously, when his letters contain grammatical errors, misspellings and other clear evidence that it is obviously not yours truly, who does know how to write and spell. Who would believe such a poor work product ? Thugs shouldn't try to masquerade as literati, please.

I invite you to visit Alek's blog, and see what passes for threats these days, courtesy someone who failed to pay attention in class.

Here's the article, enjoy: RFB, Diosdado Cabello, the Khalil Mazjoub brothers et al, Discover Online Reputation Management Techniques

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